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We are an award-winning team of scrappy entrepreneurs using our huge vision, laser-focus, strategic (and fearless) execution, and tenacity to build some pretty cool companies.

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Millennial Ventures Holdings owns a growing portfolio of B2B companies serving national and international clients who are seeking fresh ideas to enhance their organizations and brands.

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Our Companies

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Made Easy


The Calling All Allies Project is a DEI innovation and organizational equity firm helping companies design sustainable and integrated DEI strategies to develop high-performing inclusive organizations.

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Bringing Podcasting to Colleges


The Colorcast Podcast Network helps colleges and universities become advocates for equitable media access by helping them launch their own community-driven podcast networks.

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Where Diverse Business Leaders Thrive


The Diverse Venture Leaders Program helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup founders strategize, systematize, and scale their businesses.

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Where Women Scale Their Thought Leadership


Leader-ish Media Group helps to amplify the voices of women thought leaders by helping them publish and package their content for the masses.

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Where Millennial Professionals Grow


The Center for Millennial Engagement designs professional development programs to help millennials optimize and accelerate their leadership skills.

Bright Gradient
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Teaching the Next Generation How to Launch, Sell,

Scale, and Sustain Entrepreneurial Ventures

Twice a year, we host our virtual Mandatory Millionaires Bootcamp to teach high school and college students how to build generational wealth through entrepreneurship. They will have exclusive access to information from million-dollar business owners and experts in our network. All students will participate in a tech-enabled start-up simulation (Powered by OpenForge) to practice launching a company using the "Startup Wars" app.

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Did ya' know?

MV Ally: / mv  al-ly [noun]: a supporter of Millennial Ventures; a professional who is willing to use their network, influence, or money to support the growth of Millennial Ventures; an all around awesome person.

We're a 100% bootstrapped company that relies on partners, supporters, and believers (in our vision) to help us grow. Join our "MV Allies" email list to follow our journey and help to increase our impact!

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