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Our award-winning team of scrappy entrepreneurs launch and scale B2B social impact companies  who serve national and international clients. Our current portfolio is comprised of companies who focus on workforce innovations and education reformation. 

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Educational Innovation Division

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We have launched the Bureau for Better Schools a national nonprofit agency who will act as the primary hub for our educational innovation projects. Learn more about the mission and vision of the Bureau for Better Schools below.

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The Equitable School and Student Experience (ESSEX) app collects and analyzes timely data from students on their educational experience and reports it to a centralized database that tracks the quality and effectiveness of schools within school districts around the country.

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MS. B 

The "Ms. B" app provides schools with a low-cost way to provide middle and high school students with quality health and wellness coaching and support during the school year. Students can request academic, socio-emotional, and life skills support services.

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Campus 'Casts is the first national podcast network powered by colleges and universities for middle and high school students. With Campus 'Casts, teachers can provide their students with access to programming from the best higher education institutions in the country.

Workforce Innovation Division

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Calling All Allies Project

The Calling All Allies Project is a diversity, equity, and inclusion innovation firm that provides companies with solutions to improve their organizational equity and employee experience. 

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Futures Leadership Network

The Futures Leadership Network has a mission to build a powerful network of professionals who represent integrity, ethics, and equity as they pursue and maintain leadership roles across industries in today's global workforce.

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Helping High School Students Learn the Power of Business Literacy

As a part of our social responsibility, the Millennial Ventures team is excited to announce the launch of the Mandatory Millionaires Program,  a business literacy accelerator that provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship, participate in a startup simulation, and run their own business with a team of their peers. 

Nominate a Student to Participate Today!

Join the MV Brand of Companies

Have a social impact startup and want to join the Millennial Ventures suite of brands? Contact our team so that we can discuss your mission, traction, and impact at 1-888-784-8625 or via email at

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