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Scrappy Entrepreneurs Launching Social Impact Ventures

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 ...because in life, we all need to find the cause that we're assigned to champion


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The Millennial Ventures team is excited to announce the launch of the Mandatory Millionaires,  a series of entrepreneurship and college support resources that provides students with an opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship, participate in a startup simulation, and prepare for their future careers.

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Dr. Brandi M. Baldwin is a psychology and business professor and former Wharton lecturer turned entrepreneur who is a startup founder and thought leader passionate about educational and workplace equity.

Dr. Brandi is a published author and global consultant who is tapped by companies such as Comcast, Discover, and the Federal Government to share her unconventional insights on leadership, workplace equity, and entrepreneurship.

our founder

Her accomplishments include being appointed to Philadelphia Mayor's Millennial Advisory Commission, being named one of Philadelphia's Most Influential African Americans, receiving the Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Award, and receiving the "Take the Lead" award from the Girl Scouts.

Our Founder
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