Millennial Ventures is committed to developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Each year we welcome a select cohort of the best and brightest college students to join our national residency program.

Residency Overview



Our residents work remotely with a designated leader within our firm for 9-weeks to significantly impact one of our startup ventures.

Support a Real


No busy work here. Our residents work within one of our startups on REAL projects that effect our business success. 

Hands-On Business Skills

Our residents have the option of selecting a track that will enhance their business skills in a variety of areas like finance, marketing, sales, and research.

Membership Criteria

Is the residency only open to college students?

Yes. Our mission is to empower and equip the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, and we know that today's college students need opportunities to learn practical skills that will accelerate their success in the business world.

Is this an in-person or virtual opportunity?

The best and brightest college students from around the country work with us, therefore, we don't want location to be a barrier. Accepted residents are able to work virtually on their entrepreneurship projects.

What are the work hours?

Anytime! Our residents are able to manage their schedule and projects independently. All projects are loaded into our project management software and team communication happens through that portal.

What's the weekly time commitment?

Residents should expect to work approximately 10hrs a week. There is a mandatory weekly team meeting that will happen with a member of the Millennial Ventures leadership team, but outside of that, residents can work on their projects independently.

Can residents receive college credit for their participation in this program?

Absolutely! If a resident would like to receive college credit for their participation in the program they must submit the appropriate documentation within the first two weeks of accepting their residency appointment.

Is this a paid opportunity?

No. Think of our residency program as a free entrepreneurship training program. Yes, residents will be helping to accelerate the progress of one of our companies, but they'll also have access to entrepreneurial development sessions to enhance their business skills.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Who can I contact?

Please email any additional questions you have to our Human Resources team at hr@millennialventures.co (not dot com).

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