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Leadership Coach


Part Time

Diversity & Inclusion

About the Role

At the Futures Leadership Network, we are looking for a Leadership Coach to facilitate coaching personal and group coaching sessions and discussions, provide feedback and guidance, empower and motivate, help participants develop a vision execution plan, assign tasks, and follow up on participant progress throughout the program. Responsible for working with participants through the FLN coaching framework to help them customize coaching plans specific to their needs and designed to address behavioral performance drivers.


  • Provide constructive feedback. Ask relevant questions and listen to the responses.

  • Encourage unique ways of thinking, exploring lots of different possibilities.

  • Develop effective team coaching and improvement plans.

  • Communicate with members to understand their goals and objectives.

  • Support members in discovering and overcoming their barriers and setting goals.

  • Assess the strengths of individuals and teach them to use them effectively.

  • Help in the development of motivation and skills.

  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of members.

  • Keep records and documentation and prepare appropriate reports.

  • Provide support and guidance for members who are encountering different professional challenges.

  • Notice members' strengths and guide them on how to make the best out of their strengths.

  • Provide assistance and guidance to members who need help with their everyday work activities or some new tasks.

  • Discover members' motivation and help develop their skills. 

  • Counsel members on fine-tuning work habits/skills in preparation for competitive 


  • Uphold a positive team environment.


  • Previous working experience as a Leadership Coach

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to inspire and motivate

  • Excellent problem-solving ability

  • Experience in developing employment plans

  • Ability to adhere to regulations and standards

  • Must have outstanding written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills are essential

  • Must be a good multi-tasker, scheduler, time manager, and active listener

  • Must have excellent management and motivational skills

About the Company

The Futures Leadership Network is a global workforce development firm that designs employee engagement and leadership development programs to help accelerate the success of professionals in today's workplace.

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