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Nonprofit Executive Director


Full Time


About the Role

At the Futures Leadership Network, we are looking for a Nonprofit Executive Director to lead our organization through an upcoming period of growth. The right candidate will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of the organization while ensuring we are operating efficiently and effectively in order to meet our business goals. Working closely with the Advisory Board to ensure staff members are aligned with the company’s vision, while responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Other duties might involve fundraising, marketing, and community outreach.

As a new organization, this role is unfunded. Our goal is to find a candidate who can work together with our founding team to raise the funds for their role so that they can transition into a full-time role before the end of the year. If you are unwilling or unable to help grow the organization in this way, please do not apply. 


  1. Board Governance

  • Develop and implement strategic plans to meet objectives and business goals as per the Advisory Board.

  • Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and members, and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board.

  • Develop positive relationships with key stakeholders, including shareholders and government agencies.

  • Proactively address challenges in the internal and external environment to protect business interests.

  • Promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas of the organization's work.

  • Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field.

  • See that the Board is kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.

  • Publicize the activities of the organization, its programs, and its goals.

  • Represent the programs and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, and the general public.

  • Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.

  • Responsible for fiscal integrity including submission to the Board of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.

  • Responsible for fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensuring maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.

  • Responsible for fundraising and developing other resources necessary to support the mission.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred in related fields

  • 5+ years of related experience

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement successful strategic plans

  • Deep understanding of financial strategies and finance-related performance metrics, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making, and reporting

  • Strong aptitude for verbal and written communication, presentation, and relationship development

  • In-depth knowledge of best practices in management and governance

  • Skills to collaborate with and motivate board members and other volunteers

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to interface with and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups

  • Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff

  • Strong public speaking ability

About the Company

The Futures Leadership Network is a global workforce development firm that designs employee engagement and leadership development programs to help accelerate the success of professionals in today's workplace.

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