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Video Production Intern


Part Time


About the Role

At the Futures Leadership Network, we are looking for a Video Production Intern. Join our team if you are planning to work in media production once you graduate from university. You will enhance your creative skills as you work in multiple areas of the production process. You will master your multitasking skills as you perform various duties. You will have the chance to build relationships in the industry to increase your possibility of finding employment upon graduation.



  • Construct and edit video content that adheres to the organization's guidelines and standards to share on online channels, including social media and YouTube.

  • Help production staff in developing relevant stories for film, television, online streaming, and other platforms.

  • Communicate with writers, directors, managers, and other staff members to ensure a well-organized project.

  • Research topics using various sources, including video archives, the internet, library archives, and others.

  • Assist production staff by taking detailed minutes during meetings, answering the phones, and other required tasks.

  • Run errands such as purchasing equipment, supplies, props, foods, and other required items for the project.

  • Assist as needed in all production components, lighting, and camera, including sound, editing, and post-production.

  • Perform other tasks as requested by production staff to make sure all necessary duties are fulfilled proficiently.



  • Enrolled in an accredited university or college with the ability to receive credit

  • Computer savvy

  • Proven problem-solving skills

  • Outstanding organizational and multitasking ability



  • Excellent verbal and communication skills

  • Working knowledge of social media channels

  • Problem-solving and resourcefulness 

About the Company

The Futures Leadership Network is a global workforce development firm that designs employee engagement and leadership development programs to help accelerate professionals' success in today's workplace.

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