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Teaching the Next Generation How to Launch, Sell,

Scale, and Sustain Entrepreneurial Ventures

Bring the Mandatory Millionaires Program to Your School District

Registration is officially open for our 2022 Mandatory Millionaires Program! If you are an administrator at a school district or high school within the United States, contact our team to bring the Mandatory Millionaires program to your students. Our mission is to introduce entrepreneurship to 100k high school and college students by 2025. This program is where innovation and entrepreneurship meet to help GenZ learn how to build generational wealth.

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Meet Millionaire Mentors

No book knowledge, no theory. Camp participants get access to exclusive content from entrepreneurs who have build million dollar businesses.

Giving a Presentation

Tech Enabled Startup Simulation

We've partnered with our friends over at OpenForge so that camp participants get exclusive access to their new app "Startup Wars" to build a real business from scratch.

Relevant Business


All camp participants will have access to our Business Foundations mini-course on relevant business topics like marketing, client acquisition/sales, building a team, and more!

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Upcoming Events

  • Monthly School/School District Info Sessions
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Feb 17
    Online Event
    Feb 17, 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST
    Online Event
    Register to learn more about how the Mandatory Millionaires Program can support the learning goals of your schools and the life skills of your students.

Quick Facts About the Program

  • Registration is now open for March, May, and October cohorts.

  • Open to all high schools and school districts in the United States.

  • Program Cost- Email us for the most up-to-date pricing information.

  • Course Delivery- Hybrid (live & on-demand)

  • Participants- High school students in the United States sponsored by their school or school district.

Want to partner in our goal of reaching 100k students? Email

Frequently asked questions

Who is the program open to?

All school districts and public/charter/private high schools in the U.S. are eligible to participate in this program.

How can our school district/school register?

Simply complete the Mandatory Millionaires registration form on the Millennial Ventures website to begin the registration process.

How many students can participate?

There is no minimum or maximum student count required to participate in this program. You can enroll 10. 100. 1,000, or 10,000+ students.

When does the program start?

The program starts annually in March, May, and October.
How long is the program?- The program runs approximately 4 weeks.

What skills will be taught?

Visit our Program Page to learn more about the program.

Do you make accommodations for special needs students?

Contact us at for additional information regarding accommodation requests.