CAAP Launches "DEI Made Easy Challenge"

The Calling All Allies Project (CAAP) has launched DEI Made Easy Challenge, a new and innovative way to help HR leaders and DEI Practitioners get back on track with regards to DEI strategies.

DEI efforts have always been a struggle for most companies and resources have been wasted for trainings, hiring consultants and derailed strategies.

A 3-day training program called DEI Made Easy Challenge has been formulated by the CAAP team. Part of the challenge will be to identify top DEI mistakes that need to be avoided in order to keep a competitive advantage, a deep dive to the 1-Year DEI Strategic Plan utilized by CAAP for clients and learning the DEI Made Easy Method.

The training is for HR, DEI and organizational leaders who are planning out a DEI Strategic Plan and are responsible.

More information is available at the DEI Made Easy website.

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