Covid-19 Prompts Millennial Ventures to Launch a 'Millionaire Mandate' for Students

The covid-19 lockdown devastated the economy and further pushed families into a state of financial despair. The leadership team at Millennial Ventures put their heads together to figure out a way that they could use their entrepreneurial savvy to design a long-term solution. The solution-- teach high school and college students how to become successful entrepreneurs.

What started as an idea for a 2-week Summer camp, quickly evolved into a full-scale online entrepreneurship program that students will have access to from anywhere in the world. It's called the Mandatory Millionaires program and will feature a mentorship component, an investment pitch simulation, and an actual challenge for participants to make their first sale. Program participants are called Diverse Venture Leaders by the Millennial Ventures team. "We're teaching young adults how to generate income so that they can diversify their economic opportunities," says Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO of Millennial Ventures.

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