Experiencing The Dark Side of DEI

DEI work is rewarding when it clicks and everything falls into place which would be easy in a perfect world. However, DEI practitioners experience struggles as they continue to trudge through challenges that are encountered from a DEI committee's inception up to the point of maintaining its place in the corporate world.

DEI practitioners could get burnt out from working with unyielding corporate leaders or employees or sucked into an endless loop of doing over things that they thought they have established to be a norm and maybe even get their ideologies changed over time.

The Calling All Allies Project hosted The Dark Side of DEI virtual event and brought together DEI professionals, Human Resources professionals and Leadership Development professionals to think strategically on how to thrive in the tough industry.

The virtual event was hosted by CAAP founder Dr. Brandi Baldwin, who shared RAW and REAL experiences from over 10 years of organizational development work she had done with various companies.

Attendees were also given the option to be anonymous when they attended the virtual event, providing a safe space as they shared their personal DEI experiences.

The online event last April 27 aimed to properly shed light to the dark side of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion industry.

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