That's Right... We're Making "Millions" Mandatory

We're excited to finally launch our Mandatory Millionaires Camp on November 16th, 2021 to start our journey to introducing 100k students to entrepreneurship by 2025.

After mass layoffs and even more resignations due to a variety of factors, we're monitoring the workforce and realize that now, more than ever, young professionals must learn how to generate their own income.

“The Mandatory Millionaires camp is about providing access to information that students otherwise wouldn't get. ”

"This Fall we're opening registration to our program, which will run annually for as long as we are called to do this work," says Dr. Brandi Baldwin, Millennial Ventures CEO and visionary behind the effort. The Fall camp is a shorter experience, that will be coupled with a week long camp every August during World Entrepreneur's Day

What You Need to Know

When- Every November during National Entrepreneur's Day and for one week in August for World Entrepreneur's Day.

Participants- Mandatory Millionaires is open to high school and college students from around the world. School districts, schools, and other student-centric programs can enroll students as well.

Virtual Access- This program is virtual and can be accessed online.

Startup Wars App- We've teamed up with the startup OpenForge who will provide our students with access to their new app, "Startup Wars", which will teach them how to make decisions like a startup CEO.

Guest Speakers- Participants will have access to exclusive Mandatory Millionaire classes by our network of million dollar founders and CEOs.

Cost- The program is free, thanks to our generous sponsors and partners.

Registration- Visit to register.

Partnerships- Email if you're interested in partnering with us!

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