MV Relaunches CME

Millennial Ventures has relaunched the Center for Millennial Engagement after a short hiatus.

The Center for Millennial Engagement (CME) is a social impact venture dedicated to building a powerful network of millennial professionals who represent integrity, ethics, and equity as they lead across industries in the global workforce.

CME aims to empower millennials to really hone their leadership in a world that is slowly realizing the potentials of this misunderstood generation.

CME offers membership for millennial professionals who can have access to different programs. One of the programs is the Futures Program which is a diverse community of value-driven millennial professionals seeking leadership development resources and opportunities to increase their impact and influence in their workplace and in the world. Within this program is the Leadership Network and the Leadership Residency.

The Center is also launching the MQ Project– an national research study dedicated to amplifying the perspectives of the

millennial workforce to find sustainable innovations for the future of work.

To learn more about CME and its programs visit the Center for Millennial Engagement website.

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