Execution Over Resolution: How We're Planning to Win in 2022

After a wild ride from the past two years due to the pandemic, we have been through ups and downs and a lot of trial and error to find the right fit for us as we grow.

This 2022, as we are working different time zones and locations, we are now going fully remote! We have started our adjustments in the prior years and we have seen that our progress had not been measured by the times that we have to go to a physical office but the quality of work that we have put in even if we have been working virtually. We have already started a helpful, easy-going work environment that allows us to pace ourselves that is both comfortable and productive.

In this same vein, as we are scaling our business, we are giving back: As you put in better and better work, you reap better and better benefits, and in order for us to accelerate our success we need to scale our giving. As we are setting goals for others to be Mandatory Millionaires, why not be first in line on the road to becoming millionaires?

So let’s claim 2022 as our year, see the goal and let us all work on it!

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