Give Thanks, Be Grateful, Do Better

Hey MV Allies!

It’s finally Thanksgiving and it is high time we give our thanks to the people, things, and events that we should be grateful for. For Millennial Ventures, it’s fairly simple, we give thanks to:

  • The adversities we faced during the pandemic. Yes! Looking back we almost shut our doors and called it quits because we transitioned into the unknown. But thankfully, our leader, our boss, our rock decided to stick to her passion and push through. Surprise, surprise we are still here and we are growing more each day!

  • Another thing to be thankful for are our people. The individuals who stuck with us through and through; who helped us grow to where we are today. A big resounding thank you to our team who tirelessly supports the ideas, launches, and projects to reach our goals of spreading diversity and inclusion across different organizations in the US. Without them, it would be hard to do what we do today.

  • Millennial Ventures started out as an idea and then grew to a small event speaking service led by Dr. Brandi Baldwin. From a small firm that talks to ten individuals in a small conference room, we are now reaching thousands of ears and delivering our speeches - our concepts, across the US. If that is not something to be thankful for, we don’t know what is.

  • We pride ourselves for having a thought-leader who represents women in entrepreneurship.

  • We are grateful for the multitude of amazing allies that support our mission and goals. We won’t be here without your support!

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things we should be grateful for - both the good ones and the bad ones. Acknowledging all of them can lead to self cultivation and improvement. Let us know what you are thankful for on social media. Use #MVGratitude to tag us!


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