The MV Squad Digs in During December to Finish Strong

We have all faced a grueling year picking up the pieces that were left over by a major setback caused by the pandemic last year and it has changed a lot of lives, not just here in the US but also all over the world. Yes. CoVID-19 kicked our butts. Hard.

We have started not just a few projects during this year and it is amazing how we are committed to completing our projects even after our work environment and the business playing field has changed a lot due to the pandemic, and the pressure we feel is greater as the year is really about to end in a few weeks.

The startup pace can be grueling. We are burdened with thoughts of how to turn things around and move forward, burning ourselves out in working through tasks or running businesses. We recognize all the struggles, we appreciate it. We also see that through all of the hard work, squeezed out brain cells, and tiring repetitive motions, we are moving forward and up.

As the year ends, think of the progress we have made together. The playbook is thrown out of the window (maybe we’ll pick it up again next year), time to double down, be “all hands on deck” and let’s finish the year strong.

Our goals are set. We can do this!

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