Millennial Ventures Introduces New Diverse Venture Leaders Program

Millennial Ventures is coming up with a new program that could help out growing small businesses as they prepare to break out and scale to the next level!

The new Diverse Venture Leaders program aims to help diverse startup founders who have been in business for at least 6 months to stabilize, systematize and prepare their company for scale.

It has been a challenge for entrepreneurs to scale since taking the next step for growth may not necessarily be the same steps taken when starting the business. A few more people might be added into the mix, some systems must be in place and goals may eventually have to be modified.

Founders who will avail of the new program will have to shell out $20k/year in order to participate. Scholarships to the program will be offered but on a case-by-case basis. There will also be access to DVL’s exclusive network which is key to the program’s success!

Email for questions or check out to learn more about the new program and see about how we can bring more leader-ish individuals to the program and help them realize their potential!

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