Storytime: The HORRIFIC Name of our Founder's First (legit)Company

It's safe to say that Millennial Ventures has come a LONG way!

Our Founder, Dr. Brandi once told us of her "breakout moment" in entrepreneurship when she launched her first legit company. It was called... wait for it... Urban Consult. What!?! What in the world is an "urban consult". "People used to think consult was misspelled", she shared with us. Every time she was introduced at her first few speaking engagements, people who say it wrong. "Urban Consultant, Urban Consulate, Urban Consulting, Urban Consoles", lol, and the list goes on. There was one thing the audiences hear for sure, and that was something about "urban", lol.


Bottom line, it stunk. The name was a hot mess and while people were too nice to tell her that, she knew. At the time, she was focused on career development services for professionals displaced during the recession of 2007-2009. Within a few short years, she reached capacity as a one-woman consulting show and decided to shift gears.

During that time corporate was all a buzz about "millennials". How lazy they were, how entitled they were, how they were delusionally ambitious, how they weren't willing to take the time to build their careers through hard work and dedication (blah blah blah). She immediately had an idea. "Why don't I call my new company 'Millennial Ventures'? It'll be the exact OPPOSITE or what people are saying about millennials. It's not a company FOR millennials, but it is founded by one. Why not?

After speaking with a few friends and family members, she got a mixed response of mostly "hell to the naws", and "I don't get it". But, in true Dr. Brandi form, she went with it and it stuck. Now years later, Millennial Ventures HQ is still pressing forward to show that through cross-generational collaboration and mutual respect for ALL generations, companies (of all sizes) can win.

Okay, that's it for storytime. No fancy call to action or deep connection to one of our brands. We just want to share more about who we are. Wink.

-Millennial (ad)Ventures Team

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