As a Female/Founder of Color Owned Company, We Need Allies to Succeed

With less than 1% of women "minority" founders successfully raising traditional venture capital, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to do things a different way. Now it's time to level-up even further.

Yup, Millennial Ventures was founded by an Afro-Caribbean woman who has never raised capital for any of our brands. Dr. Brandi has always challenged our team to think creatively about marketing, influence, and how we can deliver stellar service to our clients/customers. That, she believes, are more important than money-- at least in the beginning. It just so happens that, after using this formula for business success, each brand has been able to thrive; and those that we're had to "put out to pasture, were bad business ideas anyway," she openly admits.

“Selling a pitch deck to investor after investor didn't excite me. Although I had no capital when we launched, I was willing to flip-flop strap each venture to get it off of the ground.” Brandi Baldwin, PhD, CEO Millennial Ventures

Dr. Brandi often boasts that she didn't even have boots to boot-strap the company to start. LOL. She found a way to flip-flop strap each brand, and so far, it's been a success.

The Launch of "MV Allies"

In October of 2021, our team launched "MV Allies", a monthly email/text newsletter with one focus: inform our community about what they need and how they can help. "We've proven to be a responsible company, and now it's time to galvanize #support from our robust network of supporters," says Levinne Dayritt, their new VP of Operations. There's no obligation to help, but we want to keep people informed about our honest needs. Our network is powerful, so we have to tap in at a deeper level.

The premise is simple: ask and ye shall receive. By proactively communicating our honest needs, we will accelerate our success and engage thousands of our supporters who have watched us grow for so many years. It's through their support that we've made it this far!

If you're interested in becoming an "MV Ally", visit the homepage of our website and subscribe to join the list. Thank you in advance for helping us reach our next level of success!

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